February 15, 2017

''What is your best advice for a future exchange student?''

Nurjamal Djanibekova, Kyrgyzstan to USA
Enjoy everyday of your time there. . . . [F]orget the word "No", because it's time to be open to new experiences and people

Guido Zingoni, Italy to Argentina - 2015/16
Be your true self. This is an opportunity of a new life, a new blank drawing paper. 

Karen Fullin, USA to Ecuador - 2010/11
Try to get rid of any preconceived notions about the people and the culture there. It's never a bad idea to learn all you can before traveling, but don't be upset or frustrated if the people there don't behave like you had expected or hoped . . . 

Lores Aboshkara, Holy Land to USA - 2015/16
Take risks, and get out of your comfort zone you dont wanna end up asking yourself what if

Henry Charnock Liedl, USA to Brasil 2012/13
Be aware of how much time you spend with your technology. My biggest regret was I spent too much time on my laptop and missed out on cool opportunities . . . Exchange year is so much fun, but it's only a year, soak up as much of it as you can

MariaaJosee Albornoz Vargas, Chile to Wyoming, USA - 2014/15
Don't be afraid of trying new things . . . For example, at school I tried sports I had never even try before and thanks to that I met some of the most amazing people I still keep in touch with.

Imkje Dongelmans, Norway to The Netherlands - 2013/14
It will only be as good as you make it yourself. An open and positive attitude will give you memories and friends for life.

Craig Pearson, South Africa to New Zealand - January 1984/December 1984
Show a lot of gratitude to your friends, host families, and Rotary Club. If you are on a Rotary program try to attend as many Rotary meetings as possible. Rotarians will get to know you and they have the means to make your year incredible.

Tim Roth, Germany to New Zealand - 2014/15
. . . [M]ake as many new friends as possible and always remember that the present moment is the only thing you have - so let home be home and enjoy the now.

Jillian Armstrong, Australia to Brazil - 2015/2016
Say yes to everything. . . . The worst thing you can do is say no and regret it.

July 27, 2016


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